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RJ Paper
RJ Paper has been the trusted partner for thousands of designers, creators and makers for their paper needs since 1987. The site brings the traditional tactile experience online, allowing RJ Paper to continue providing the best in this digital age.
⁠– Web Design
⁠– Development
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The Challenge
Paper all seems the same online, our goal was to enhance the online paper-shopping experience as if it was physical. Giving consumers the confidence to make the right decisions.
“Our first step is to understand how people make their choices when purchasing their paper and make that digital.”
Understanding the customers
RJ Paper has always provided personable and reliable service to its customers, from the beginners to the experts. Our goal was to enable the continuation of their expertise onto their digital platforms.

We begin by studying their customers, finding 3 distinct customer bases and identifying their needs.
⁠– Inspirational Examples
Those looking for inspiration
Sometimes people just need a reference for the paper they require in their projects. We kept that in mind and curated a collection of examples to inspire customers during their paper purchase experience.
⁠– Paper Recommendation
Those who need the advice
RJ paper has always been helpful for those who need a recommendation. Bringing that online, we created a recommender that allows users to easily filter what they need.
Those who know their choices
Seasoned customers can directly navigate to the paper they want immediately from the homepage; getting the paper they need quickly.
⁠– Direct Search
The Result
Through a process that enables us to first understand who we are speaking to, we are able to create a system that genuinely speaks to them.

The new site has allowed RJ paper to continue to serve customers with the same great quality service as years before.
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