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Offbeat is a local tour agency that showcases the lesser-known sides of Singapore. Working together, we created a complete experience that leaves customers wanting to discover the secrets that is hidden just behind our backyard.
⁠– Web Design
⁠– Webflow Development
⁠– E-commerce
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The Challenge
We wanted to embody the unique character of offbeat's branding while making the user experience of booking a tour, simple and accessible for anyone.
“The first thing we make sure to do was to understand the interests and habits of Offbeat's clientele.”
Understanding who we are talking to
Offbeat differentiate themselves from the crowd by showcasing a side of Singapore that is usually not seen; the culture and history behind the bright and glamorous façade.

We begin by understanding their tours and products, drilling down to three personas and identify what they are looking for.
⁠– Road mapping & Planning
⁠– User Interviews
⁠– Personas Profiles
Building a site that fits
With a better understanding about the consumers, we set out to create a site that Offbeat can call their own. A site that brings out their quirkiness and values while keeping the important details easy to source and find.
⁠– Homepage
In Depth Tour Details
The hierarchy of details is sorted with intention, so that consumer can easily make a decision for themselves if the tour is what they are looking for without feeling frustrated.
The people behind Offbeat
We wanted to showcase the personality of the people behind the company, making the consumer feel closer to the tour guides of Offbeat.
Offbeat's journal to connect and share their perspective
As a travel agency that explore the lesser known side of Singapore, it is critical that they get a platform to express their view point on related topics.

In turn, this helps potential clients to better know about the culture and give them the push to sign up for a tour.
The Result
By first understanding the product and who we are looking to target, we were able to have more clarity on the steps we need to take to bring Offbeat further.

The new site gives Offbeat a space where they can truly express and introduce themselves; providing an unique experience to like-minded individual wanting to discover more of Singapore.
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