design for everyone regardless of ability
ideAble is a platform that connects problem statements on accessibility to remarkable problem solvers, empowering people with disabilities and building a more inclusive world.
⁠– Branding
⁠– Web Design
⁠– UX Design
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The Challenge
We gave the platform their look and a brand identity. Additionally, we also helped to define intricate user flows, keeping in mind every aspect of the user experience of all profiles.
"ideAble as a platform caters and serve people from all walks of life; our job is to make it effortless for everyone.”
⁠– ideAble Logo
Keeping ideAble's values in their brand identity
The group of arrows represents a united group of diverse individuals, working together to reach new heights.

The stacked cubes illustrate how one perspective can build on another, coming together to create something greater.
Logo WIPs
Leaving no stones unturned
We started out by first understand what ideAble is really about, getting to know what they are really trying to achieve.

From there, we detailed all user profiles that ideAble would serve, preparing for whatever that is required and filling any gaps that otherwise maybe missed out.
A design system that keeps everything together
As a platform that is ever-evolving, the design system enables ideAble to quickly create and build new solutions.

The design system also help reduce the need to reinvent the wheel, reducing the risk of unintended inconsistency.
⁠– Ideable Home
Showcasing IdeAble offerings
The public homepage explains what IdeAble is and also serve as a resource hub for any innovator that want to do good.

Keeping in mind better accessibility for all, high contrast for visibility is ready at a click of a button for those who need it.
Dashboard that facilities innovations and spontaneity
The dashboard for the platform should be intuitive and not hinder users in to express their creativity.

Here they can explore problem statements, discuss ideas and find like minded individuals to create solutions.
Managing a ecosystem that better people's lives
The community manager's dashboard allow easy access to what they need to do quickly, allowing them to keep the platform conducive.

From here they can moderate discussions, manage organisations and even publish relevant resources.
Practical insights and statistics
The platform also provide reports that depicts the health of the community. This allow ideAble to swiftly take more informed decisions and encourage more innvoations.
The Result
As a platform that embodies the meaning of accessibility, ideAble reminded us that the web should be inclusive and not be a barrier that prevent interactions and innovations.

With the guidance from the experts of ideAble, we were able to created a platform that is truly for everyone. Join us together today to build a more inclusive world.
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Your ideas are able to make the world better.
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