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It was always our intention to build a website that was simple, beautiful, and easy to navigate. The redesign of the site is meant to accommodate the increase in content output, and to make it easier to navigate through the amazing stories.
⁠– Web Design
⁠– Development
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The Challenge
We set out to create a unique yet non-intimidating identity system that speaks RICE, while also sparking curiosity that encourages readers to explore the site.
“How might we provide a space and a design system to allow every piece of content to have it’s own unique voice?”
⁠– Iterations of site
The significance of iterations
We didn't start off from scratch when building the new site. Instead we re-look deep into the site, retaining what's good and improving whats not.
⁠– Homepage
⁠– Typography
Tracking reading progress
A progress bar allows users to track reading progress and visually see where they are on the article. It provides a gradual reading feedback for longer articles.
Small touches for an immersive reading experience
Arrows on both sides lets users skip articles halfway through, keeping them on the site instead of leaving.

We also used full width video to feature the content allowing for a distraction free and immersive experience.
Importance of Mobile Responsiveness
As more readers are reading and sharing from their mobile, we had to make sure that the user experience on mobile is equivalent to the desktop experience.
Not so boring pages
We set to make every aspect of the site engaging. A search bar can be witty. An about page should be fun and personalised. What if the enquiry page draws you in?
⁠– Search Bar
⁠– Enquiry Page
⁠– About Page
The Result
One of the first pieces of feedback were exactly what we set out to do, making RICE simple, beautiful, and easy to navigate.

Readers liked everything from our font to how our site interface made reading a painless experience — a fact that we found extremely encouraging.
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