Saving effortlessly in a cashless world
Change is an application that helps you save by rounding up every transaction you make. It brings back the experience of spare change accumulating in our piggy banks. Earn cashback and save effortlessly with Change today.
⁠– UI Design
⁠– UX Design
⁠– Self-initiated
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The Challenge
We wanted to make saving as effortless as spending in the age of cashless payment. Change aims to do just that without having users to adjust their current habits.
“It is becoming really difficult for me to save when spending is literally a tap away, I can't see where my money go”
– Bobby Lim, Student
⁠– Logo Layout
⁠– Colour Palette
⁠– Wireframe
Making saving as simple and easy as spending
The commercial world is design to make people spend instead of save.

Hence Change's idea is to ride on that; by rounding up the payments and saving it. It's like the good old method of a coin jar or piggy bank, without all the hassle.
Compiled Savings
Change gathers up the spare change and only review the it at the end of each month. This gives the users the delight of saving and something to look forward to.
Seamless payment
Change visualise how much one spend when making a transaction. This give them a gauge on how they are spending while giving clear relevant details.
Transparent History
Transparency is critical when it comes to people's financials. It is important for users to know and easily see where their money goes or come from.
Consistency for familiarity
Small details like keeping the colours consistent for the categories goes a long way to help users understand and digest information better.
The Result
On the whole, Change help us understand the challenges when it comes to one's finance in this day and age.

By showering Change with a tad of fun and nuggets of delight, we tune and position the product with the understanding of the younger crowd. With that, we aim to make saving less intimidating and more something approachable.
Sometimes change is good. Get on with us today.
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