An All Encompassing platform for your healthcare needs
Ally App
Ally is a mobile application that cares for patients health and overall well-being. Additionally, Ally also smoothed the workflow for both providers and administrative; making receiving and providing healthcare an enjoyable experience.
⁠– Branding
⁠– UI Design
⁠– UX Design
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The Challenge
We created a whole new visual identity and system that translates into varies platforms that make Ally works. With a project this big, unity is of the essential.
“Our challenge starts with simplifying the healthcare process and creating a better experience. So Ally can serve the needs of every individual.”
– Primary Colours
RGB (0, 160,255)
RGB (220, 38, 172)
– Secondary Colours
RGB (220, 38, 172)
RGB (0, 213, 146)
RGB (255, 179, 0)
RGB (255, 0, 0)
RGB (8, 65, 92)
RGB (68, 72, 207)
Making an interactive brand guide
The brand guide is done in a digital format where it is easily to access and share to others. With that, users can easily dive into the content they need with the linked menu at the side.

Being an digital product, we decide to also design for both light and dark mode to better accommodate and future-proof Ally.
Multiple Platforms
For the service to work, Ally caters to three main groups of users each with their own platform; the administrative, the doctors or clinics and the patients.
A clear system that allows for better admin management
It is important for the admin side to be able to understand the key performance of all their clinics.

This way, they can better manage cash flow, their provider and highlight status and errors, right from their system.
Overview and organisation of clinic and doctor’s workflow
The new platform allows clinics and doctors a place where they can better coordinate their activities.

From payment to scheduling and even giving a tele-consult to a patient, the platform provides all the function needed.
All your medical needs in the palm of your hands
Ally is a one stop platform where patient can come for their healthcare needs.

From finding a clinic near them or even consulting a doctor from the comfort of their home, patients can get the help they need and focus on getting healthy.
The Result
All in all, we are proud of everyone that came and worked together to solve big issues.

Everyone who contributed was an expert in their domain. With everyone's input, we were able to get solve the issues quickly, translating complex workflows into an intuitive experience.
Let us be your Ally in your next project.
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