Bringing a home-grown brand global
Arcade is a homegrown fashion label that caters to trendy men and women. With their goals, Arcade needed a face lift to keep up with the time. Hence, the site is designed for quick adaptation, keeping the site fresh with ease.
⁠– Web Design
⁠– Development
⁠– E-commerce
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The Challenge
Arcade needed a revamp as their website was outdated. Arcade wanted to move away from the blog shop look and better serve their customers with a better browsing experiences.
⁠– Arcade’s old homepage
⁠– Colour Palette
RGB 34 58 94
HEX 223A5E
RGB 170 54 48
HEX AA3630
RGB 14 119 81
HEX 0E7751
RGB 231 167 34
HEX E7A722
RGB 255 249 245
– Homepage
Quick Purchases with Hover
Shoppers can seamlessly add their choices into their cart just by hovering over the item, allowing them to continue browsing the things they love.
Slide out cart
Shoppers can easily see whats in their cart without having to leave where they are, giving a delightful quick review without the drag.
Messy SKUs made simple
We unify normal purchases and back orders to give a seamless shopping experience.
Unified Experience
The design was kept constant throughout different platforms, marketing materials and even down to the elements, giving the sense of familiarity and trust.
– Arcade’s EDMs
The Result
All in all, we are proud of everyone that came and worked together to solve big issues.

Everyone who contributed was an expert in their domain. With everyone's input, we were able to get solve the issues quickly, translating complex workflows into an intuitive experience.
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