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Tatsu is a Discord community bot with fiercely ambitious goals that can seem out of reach. We help put those goals into achievable steps, focusing on the present while keeping the future in mind; designing a system that caters for their needs.
⁠– Design Sprint
⁠– Design System
⁠– UI/UX Design
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The Challenge
Tatsu has an unique product that caters for a very specific group of internet dwellers. We first understand and get ourselves immersed in the culture; ironing out what Tatsu wants to achieve.
“In the fast moving pace of a digital product, we sprint with Tatsu understanding what is at their core and what they want to achieve."
Big dreams with actionable steps
Tatsu and us got together and started defining the company's goals, pain points and opportunities. The five day process allow us to gather insights, list out goals and plan on what to tackle.

By asking the right questions, we kept everyone align, mapped out the problems and pick an important area to focus.
Custom Design System
We created a flexible UI design system for Tatsu to futureproof their expansion plans. This way any new development would look and stay consistent with each other.
⁠– Home Dashboard
Everything at the fingertips
To get a better understanding of what was necessary, we dive deep and interviewed Tatsu's users, keeping what was important to them at the forefront and cut the noise.
⁠– Tatsu Reward Store
A reward store that you would want to shop at
With the amount of items that Tatsu have to offer on their store, it can get disorganized and messy fast.

We made sure items are easy to find and enjoyable to browse. Additionally, we set to engage and inspire users with features such as community showcases.
Extensive not confusing
With the amount of features Tatsu provide in the management of one's discord server, the settings have to be logical and fun to explore and not frustrating to work with.
⁠– Admin Settings
Learning to sort and manage inventories
While interviewing the users, we get to understand the priorities they have when it comes to their inventory. How items are sorted, the organisation of global and server inventories are just some of the needs that was missing.

We also added actionables on the items in the inventory, allowing users to immediately interact with the item all in the same area.
The Result
Tatsu gave us a glimpse into a world we would never encounter if we didn't work with them. The sprint allowed us to better understand the new unknown, pinpointing where to work to fulfil their grand ambitions.

Organisation is vital to making Tatsu a delightful experience. By keeping the users at the core, we create an interface that is truly enjoyable for newcomers and veterans alike.
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