nurturing the developing local street art scene
Hall of Fame
Kampong Gelam is a lifestyle destination in Singapore that has curated a culture that embraces self-expression. As the area goes under construction for the new transit line, Hall of Fame is set up to remind the public of their perennial efforts.
⁠– Web Design
⁠– UX Design
⁠– Webflow Development
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The Challenge
Originally erected as noise barriers for ongoing construction works, the metal canvases becomes an evolving stage for the best local muralists to work on. Our job is to bring that experience online, archiving their art and work.
“Spanning a combined 238 metres, the five-metre high Hall of Fame is set to be one of the most prominent street art experiences in the region.”
⁠– Home Landing
Letting the art speak for itself
The site was design with intent, having enough space to let the elements breathe, giving every artists room to express themselves and their style.
Menu that embodies the ethics
The menu took a more unconventional approach to its design. The goal was to make it more interactive and expressive in line with the purpose of the site.
Hall of Fame's Blog
Brisk and effortless updates
The tours and workshops page give more context and understanding the Kampong Glam's culture and history. Here like the rest of the site, allows the clients to update and add new entities themselves, enabling quick and robust changes.
The Result
Hall of fame gives a stage where local artist can speak their craft and styles. In turn, with the site, we aim to be that provider of the platform that allow them to do so digitally.

At Convey, we values the expression of local art of all forms as we believe it contributes to building a more vibrant culture. With Hall of fame, we hope our efforts play a small part to do just that.
It's time to be inducted into the hall of fame.
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