No Fillers, No Junk, Just delicious oat milk
Oatbedient is a local oat milk brand that envisions a world where authentically healthy products and clean labelling are the norm, where no fillers or nasty ingredients exist.
⁠– Web Design
⁠– Development
⁠– E-commerce
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The Challenge
We helped translate their vision and personality into a site that showcases their sincere goal of making the world tastier and healthier.
“We constantly work with Oatbedient to diagnose and solve various business needs that are perennial."
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Incorporating E-commerce
Oatbedient requested their site to be developed on Shopify. We adapted within Shopify's boundaries, creating a custom theme that fits the requirements.

Shoppers are able to create their own unique bundles and shop seamlessly without hassle.
Keeping the cart uncomplicated
The shopping cart is kept comprehensible and simple without any unnecessary bloat; giving users clarity on their order and a peace of mind.
The Result
By first, ironing out how Oatbedient wants to be represented, we came out with a platform that they can really be themselves.

We are continuously supporting Oatbedient as their brand and product evolve, working together to face new challenges in their efforts to better the world with deliciousness.
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